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Housing & Tax Consultants, LLC has been providing consulting services to Real Estate Professionals, Owners, Developers, and Managers since 1995. As projects age, they develop both opportunities and tax concerns. The aging of Owners, Developers and Managers creates other concerns and opportunities.

Many investors are looking for passive loss deductions to reduce their taxable income. Low-income housing projects can provide a steady stream of annual losses to reduce their taxable income.


We also have helped Owners deal with tax issues and have developed various strategies to defer or eliminate problems such as Negative Capital Accounts and Phantom Income. Some of these strategies include Bargain Sale, Special Allocations  and Offer-in-Compromise strategies.


We have helped Developers deal with issues involving acquiring and rehabilitating projects using creative ways to incorporate tax credits, bond financing, subordinated loans and other types of financing. We have also consulted with Developers on new construction issues.


We have helped Managers acquire and sell projects using our GP Brokerage and LP Purchase programs. We also help deal with troubled projects. We have consulted with numerous managers regarding retirement issues and have helped those trying to get started in the business.


We also provide a Project Analysis Service where we help quantify the values, tax implications and other benefits of our various strategies.


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